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About Kyle


Kyle John Taylor

Kyle John Taylor, born on March 22, 1999, was an 18-year-old known for his enduring qualities of love, kindness, enthusiasm, adventurous spirit, outgoing nature, sense of humor, athleticism, and ability to bring joy to any gathering. He possessed a magnetic charisma that endeared him to everyone fortunate enough to cross his path. Kyle embarked on his college journey as a freshman with aspirations of majoring in Business and pursuing a career in Real Estate. He had a deep passion for learning, particularly in areas that captivated his interest.
Kyle's preferred activities included outdoor pursuits such as surfing in Santa Cruz, snowboarding in Tahoe, fishing, and embarking on adventures with his friends. He had an aversion to idleness and embraced a dynamic lifestyle. A devoted sports enthusiast, he avidly supported teams like the LA Chargers, SF Giants, Golden State Warriors, and English Premier League soccer. Kyle's vibrant energy continues to resonate in the hearts of those he touched. He is profoundly missed and cherished by his extensive circle of family and friends.


February 22, 2018 started like any other day in my house. Kyle, or Ky as his friends call him, came home from his classes at the local community college. We chatted about his day and since he didn’t have school the next day, was heading to a friend’s house in Santa Cruz to hang out and would be home the next day. He grabbed a bag of clothes, gave me a quick kiss, said 'love you mom' and walked out the door. Later that night, I was on a walk with some friends when my phone rang. That call would change my life forever. Kyle’s friend informed me that he was found unconscious, not breathing, and was being rushed to the local hospital. The next couple of hours were a blur, I remember walking into the ER to see my 18-year-old son being worked on by many doctors and nurses. We were told that Kyle had suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We had many family and friends there praying and hoping that Kyle would wake up and recover but on February 24, 2018 we were told that Kyle would not survive. So, just two days after seeing his smile and hearing him say 'I love you mom,' I had to say goodbye to my son."


- Jennifer Sarmento,

Kyle’s Mom and
 Executive Director
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Our Mission 

Our mission is to continue Kyle's legacy of kindness and service by supporting communities. We aim to raise awareness about youth Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), advocate for more widespread preventative screening, and improve access to AED devices - working toward a future where no other family suffers the loss of a child to this preventable tragedy. Guided by Kyle's adventurous and compassionate nature, we strive to save lives and create meaningful change.


Our Goal

Prevention: Promote Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) prevention by offering heart screenings to detect issues early.

Awareness: Raise awareness about youth SCA through education and events.

Response: Strengthen and equip emergency response with AED donations and CPR training.

​SCA Awareness

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) represents a critical medical emergency characterized by the abrupt cessation of the heart's rhythmic activity. This condition can affect individuals across all age groups, including seemingly healthy children and adolescents. During an SCA episode, the affected person typically collapses and exhibits abnormal breathing patterns, possibly accompanied by gasping or convulsions. It's imperative to note that SCA can lead to fatal outcomes within minutes if immediate medical intervention is not administered.


It's also crucial to recognize that SCA holds the unfortunate distinction of being the foremost cause of mortality in the United States, claiming the lives of 356,000 individuals on an annual basis. What may be less commonly known is that SCA ranks as the primary cause of death among student athletes and contributes significantly to the second leading medical cause of death among youth under the age of 25.
SCA Facts

​Don't Just Check the Box

To prevent tragic cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in youth, families, sports programs, and healthcare providers must be more proactive in evaluating family history of heart conditions and recognizing potential symptoms and risk factors that often go overlooked in children and teens.

​Know the Difference

SCA and Heart Attack are not same
While heart attack and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) are often conflated, it is important to distinguish that a heart attack stems from blocked blood flow to the heart, whereas SCA arises from an electrical malfunction causing the heart to suddenly stop beating.

Risk Factors

With 1 in 300 youth at risk of undetected heart conditions leading to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), a leading cause of death in student athletes and under 25s, it is vital families proactively evaluate children's cardiac health by spotting warning signs and assessing hidden family risk factors.

Young Heart Stories

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in youth is not rare.

The United States loses 7000 youth every year to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). These are just a few stories about youth from our community that we have lost, ones that have survived SCA or have become an advocate for youth heart health. Thank you to them and their families for allowing us to share their stories.

Jake Ott

jake ott

Jake Ott, a student at Jesuit High School with aspirations of becoming an MMA fighter, attended our heart screening in August 2022. During this event, an Echocardiogram diagnosis revealed a congenital heart condition known as a bicuspid aortic valve—a condition previously unknown to his family. Consequently, Jake's family will now undergo screening as well. He is under the care of a pediatric cardiologist and may require a valve replacement in the future. Remarkably, Jake's mother, a Nurse Practitioner, had long suspected a heart murmur in her son but had not pursued further evaluation. She shared, "My son would never have met the clinical guidelines to warrant an Echocardiogram! I can't express enough the significance of this screening for us. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to UC Davis, Project ADAM, and the Kyle J. Taylor Foundation for hosting this event, which has the potential to save my son's life."

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